The first such system in the UK!

HYDRONYLON® QRL ONE is a white coating and technology that's resistant to variable temperatures, significantly extending the lifespan of your roof. When applied to the roof, it significantly reduces its temperature, which can lead to lower air conditioning costs!

Lower the room temperature by up to 10°C!
QRL ONE Reflective Coating

This is the first “Cool Roof” solution in the UK! When applied to the existing roof, the coating not only reduces the temperature of the roof surface, but most importantly, it improves the thermal comfort under the roof. HYDRONYLON QRL ONE can contribute to reducing the room temperature by up to 10°C.

HYDRONYLON QLR ONE, after undergoing tests, achieved an unprecedented Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 110*.

*For comparison, ideal black has an SRI=0, ideal white has an SRI=100.

QLR ONE significantly influences the reduction of temperature in rooms, leading to lower air conditioning costs.

The perfect solution for:

Grocery stores and food warehouses
Residential buildings
Breeding facilities
Manufacturing plants
Surfaces under photovoltaic panels
Pharmaceutical warehouses
Shopping centres
Resorts and holiday homes


See what a white roof under photovoltaics looks like

The HYDRONYLON QLR ONE technology, when applied to the surface for bifacial photovoltaics, showed an increase in efficiency of up to 60% compared to single-sided panels.

Example Projects
Reflects UV rays

Lowers room temperature by up to 10°C

Extends the lifespan of the coating

Does not spread fire

Reduces cooling costs

Improves thermal comfort for people and animals

Increases photovoltaic efficiency by up to 60%!

100% waterproof

Essential information about cool roof

Cool roofs, also known as reflective roofs, represent a modern and rapidly developing technology. By using appropriate materials, it is possible to reduce the heating of the roof. A lot depends on the correct choice of roof covering.

The roof covering should meet two basic criteria: be reflective (hence the name reflective roof), that is, reflect sunlight, and also have emissivity - the ability to emit thermal radiation. Hydronylon possesses these exact features. It forms a uniform structure on the roof covering without joints, which further protects against leaks.

Why are cool roofs so important? A lower temperature of the roof covering means fewer heat islands in the city. However, a cool roof also translates into significant savings for the investor. A cool roof doesn't heat up as traditional coverings do. As a result, a cool roof is also more durable and resistant to weather conditions. A cool roof created using Hydronylon requires fewer repairs.

Save on air conditioning, choose HYDRONYLON® QLR ONE – Cool Roof

Take a look at how a white roof looks